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Legacy of the Force: Betrayal

Jedipediasta, vapaasta Tähtien sota-tietosanakirjasta tänään, 15. kesäkuuta 2024
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Tekijöiden tiedot

Aaron Allston


Jason Felix


Del Rey


30. toukokuuta 2006

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Kronologiset tiedot

Perinnön aikakausi


40 jYt


Legacy of the Force


Dark Nest III: The Swarm War


Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines

Aaron Allstonin kirjoittama Legacy of the Force: Betrayal on ensimmäinen Legacy of the Force -kirjasarjan romaaneista. Se julkaistiin 30. toukokuuta 2006 ja oli siten ensimmäinen romaani, joka sijoittui Perinnön aikakaudelle. Ääniversion kertojana toimi Marc Thompson. Taskukirjaversio ilmestyi toukokuussa 2007 ja se sisälsi lisämateriaalina kaksi Karen Travissin kirjoittamaa novellia.

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Takakansi[muokkaa | muokkaa wikitekstiä]

A dark enemy stalks Luke Skywalker and the Jedi.

A devastating war threatens the galaxy.

A dangerous destiny summons Jacen Solo.

This is the era of Luke Skywalker's legacy; the Jedi Master has unified the order into a cohesive group of powerful Jedi Knights. But as the new era begins, planetary interests threaten to disrupt this time of relative peace, and Luke is plagued with visions of an approaching darkness. Evil is rising again—out of the best intentions—and it looks as if the legacy of the Skywalkers may come full circle. Honor and duty will collide with friendship and blood ties as the Skywalker and Solo clans find themselves on opposing sides of an explosive conflict with potentially devastating repercussions for both families, for the Jedi order and for the entire galaxy.

When a mission to uncover an illegal missile factory on the planet Adumar ends in a violent ambush—from which Jedi Knight Jacen Solo and his protégé and cousin, Ben Skywalker, narrowly escape with their lives—it's the most alarming evidence yet that sparks of political unrest are threatening to ignite into total rebellion. The governments of numerous worlds are chafing under the strict regulations of the Galactic Alliance, and diplomatic efforts to enforce compliance are failing. Fearing the worst, the Alliance readies a preemptive display of military might in a bid to bring the rogue worlds to heel before an uprising erupts. The designated target of this exercise: planet Corellia—renowned for the brash independence and renegade spirit that have made its favorite son, Han Solo, a legend.

Something of a rogue himself, Jacen is nevertheless duty bound as a Jedi to stand with his uncle, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, on the side of the Galactic Alliance. But when the wary Corellians launch a counterstrike, the Alliance's show of force—and a secret mission to disable Corellia's crucial Centerpoint Station—give way to an armed skirmish. Once the smoke clears, the battle lines are drawn. Now the specter of full scale war looms between a growing cadre of defiant planets and the Galactic Alliance that some fear is becoming a new Empire. And even as both sides struggle to find a diplomatic solution mysterious acts of treachery and sabotage threaten peace efforts at every turn.

Determined to root out those behind the mayhem, Jacen follows a trail of cryptic clues to a dark rendezvous with the most shocking of revelations—while Luke grapples with something even more troubling: dream visions of a shadowy figure whose Force power and ruthlessness remind him of Darth Vader—a lethal enemy who strikes like a dark spirit on a mission of doom. An agent of evil who, if Luke's visions come to pass, will bring untold pain to the Jedi Master—and to the entire galaxy.

Legacy of the Force
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