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Hello <insert name here>, I'm HotCat, an interwiki bot from wikia:w:c:starwars:Jedipedia, the German counterpart of the Wook. This account is controlled by all trusted users and sysops on Jedipedia (including User:LtNOWIS). When updating the local interwikis, the bot half-automatically looks for new, wrong, missing and non-existing interwiki links. The users then have to control the updated interwiki links before submitting the changes.

The source code is written in JavaScript and maintained by User:C-3PO (wikia:w:c:starwars:User:C-3P0). Please leave bug reports, suggestions, comments or questions on the talk page. Note to administrators: Please avoid blocking this account for a long timeframe. If someone over at Jedipedia adds wrong interwikis, please ask Tyber in the IRC for assistance. You can find out who made the edit on Jedipedia by looking into the edit summary. If the bot ruins the wiki markup, please report this here with a link to the wrong edit. fy:Meidogger:HotCat id:Pengguna:HotCat sco:User:HotCat sk:Redaktor:HotCat